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The Design Awards recognize design excellence of built and unbuilt work in Connecticut or in other locations by Connecticut-based firms.


  • Architects licensed and residing in Connecticut may submit projects located anywhere.
  • Architects whose practice is located outside Connecticut may submit projects located in Connecticut.
  • Architectural interns and students are eligible only for the Unbuilt and the Architecture: The Encompassing Art

Registration Opens: June 7, 2021
Registration Closes: August 6, 2021
Submissions Open: June 7, 2021
Submissions Close: September 3, 2021
Jury Day: TBD


Residential Design:

Eligibility:  Single family residences, additions, and accessory buildings, new or remodeled. Projects previously submitted to the Alice Washburn Awards Program may also be submitted to this category.

Interior Architecture:

Eligibility:  Projects of any interior scope that may be new construction, renovation, preservation, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or restoration.

Commercial, Institutional, Educational or Multi-Family Residential Design:

Eligibility:  Both public and private projects - single buildings or a related group of buildings forming a single project, renovations and additions.

Planning: Community, Campus, Town and Urban:

Eligibility:  Projects that include more than a single structure and engage the private and public realms of the built environment. Two categories of awards will be considered in this category:

  1. Village and Small-Town scale - built or natural environment (public space).
  2. Large or more dense Urban - built or natural environment (public space).

Architecture: The Encompassing Art:

Eligibility includes but is not limited to: designs for such details as hardware, stairways, railings, graphics, lighting or fixtures, furniture, scholarly research, environmental or energy research, urban planning analyses, or technical innovations.

Adaptive Re-Use:

Eligibility: Buildings 50 years or older, both public and private projects - single buildings or a related group of buildings forming a single project, renovations, restorations, and additions. (Non-Historical/nonregistered)

Unbuilt Design:

Eligibility:  Unbuilt architectural designs, for which there is no current intent to build, of any project type, including purely theoretical or visionary projects, with or without a client.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submitted projects are to have been completed within the last 5 years. “Completed” is defined as “Substantial Completion” in accordance with standard AIA Contract
  • The entrant is to select a single category for their projects - entries that fall into more than one category but must be assigned to only one category.
  • Submissions are to be composed as a single multi-page PDF document.
    • Identification - Registration Round
      • Ascribe a generic Project Title to your submission and select the awards category (from the list above) for submission.
      • Do Not identify the Owner, architects or designers in text or on any pages or images
    • Required Information - Submission Round
      • The jurors are not to see the identification of the Owner or architects of the submitted Project(s).
      • Provide the location of the Project and its year of completion.
      • Provide a written description to support your Project: < 300 words and, if appropriate, a description of sustainable features (in an additional 100 words or less).
      • List all certifications or sustainable building standards that have be met. If listed, provide the metrics that demonstrate building performance.
      • Identification of the Project designers, Owner and all additional credits
      • Collaboration acknowledgements: Provide credit to the full design team and contractor(s). If certain subcontractors played important roles, they should also be credited.
      • Maximum Number of submission pages: 10 (each page may contain more than one image).
      • Photographs: Interior and exterior images are strongly encouraged.
      • Drawings:
        • Site Plans are strongly encouraged and are to have a scale and north arrow
        • Floor plans, elevations and sections as required to describe your project
      • If the Project is recognized with an award, individual high-res photograph in JPEG format will be required from the submitter.

Judging Criteria:

A jury of peers, from both academic and professional practice, who are located outside of the State of Connecticut.  The Jurors will take into consideration and acknowledge:

  • Design Excellence
  • Meeting or exceeding client program needs
  • Intersectional achievement such as design excellence plus elements that address diversity and equity, sustainability, health and well-being, technical innovation, etc.
  • Sustainability in theory, detail or practice.


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